hospitality bar

Goldsmiths – Leicester

watch case with sign 'welcome to leicester goldsmiths'
large white Shopfront with black borders
hospitality bar
watch cases
seating area in middle of store
Breitling boutique
jewellery case
Tudor boutique
rolex boutique

We have been working with Goldsmiths on a number of stores revealing their new luxury design concept. One of the most recently opened is the new expanded Goldsmiths showroom in Highcross, Leicester.

The Goldsmiths, Leicester store boasts a striking new shopfront, spanning 22 metres wide, which creates a huge statement and presence within the shopping mall. Large scale display windows, framed by metal and LED  illumination, draw your attention to the store and the brands within.

The new concept includes features such as an open plan, flexible, inclusive layout which allows customers to explore the space and discover products independently, breaking down barriers between staff and the customers.

The interior also benefits from a unique hospitality bar, a comfortable lounge space and consultation booths perfect for hosting clients. The materials and aesthetics showcase a new monochrome palette of luxurious materials. These include whitewashed reeded timber, blackened steel, white terrazzo, champagne metals & white marble.

This is one of seven stores we have helped Goldsmiths rollout, you can see more here.