Our Manifesto


The foundation of our business is trust
We strive to remain relevant (through tribe, travel and personal development)
We take responsibility we never abdicate it
Significant in everything we do “def:/ to be worthy of attention”
We give our team total autonomy
No Ego…..anywhere
We know there are no shortcuts in running our business or delivering a successful project so we don’t take them
We are in business for each other and each other’s goals not ourselves as individuals
We care passionately about our Clients and their projects
We grow from within
Personal Growth is what we strive for every single day (1% better)
We are a relationship business
We enjoy the camaraderie of success and we love to celebrate success with our team and our clients
We look to surprise and delight with everything we do
We are proud of our heritage but never look back
We have a counterintuitive approach to everything we do as a business
We are proud and constantly aware of our reputation and what it says about us as a business and as individuals
We do what we Love and Love what we do
We are Bold
We never underestimate the power of Serendipity
Watch every penny & have no debt. (or the Bank owns you and every decision)
We look in different places for the answers, we aren’t everybody else
We always start from the counter-intuitive, by definition it separates us individually and as a business from our competition
We look to limit our exposure to a Client to 33% of T/O or we are a prisoner, which is not healthy for us or that Client
A bad Client is bad for our Soul and our Margin