Our own foundations are enthusiasm and creativity

We’ve been at the forefront of creative interior design and architecture since 1998. From our office in Reading we provide thoughtful, individual designs for a vast range of clients. That depth of experience continues to shape our team, keep their creativity sharp and ensure our skill and diversity on every project.

The team at Quadrant Design includes designers, architects, digital media specialists, branding experts and technicians. Every time the team grows, new people are chosen based on both their current skills and future potential. On every project, we put the right mix of people on the case to suit your scale and aims. The ‘family’ atmosphere in the office is reflected in the positive, friendly approach we take to projects.

Just as your finished space is much more than the initial blueprint, we’re more than just good on paper. Our qualifications and skills go hand-in-hand with natural talent and limitless enthusiasm. We take pride in being the full package, and in offering that to you.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you get more value from every square metre. That doesn’t just mean deciding where you position your tills. We’ll help you optimise interior capacity, streamline the customer journey and encourage higher sales.

Meet your team

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