We are a UK based design collective

We provide interior, environmental and digital design services for brands and individuals.

Quadrant Design are designers, creators, visionaries and experts in environmental, interior and digital design. We translate your vision into successful physical and digital experiences. Through good design, knowledge, humour and experience, we will guide you from pen & paper to bricks & mortar. Building meaningful relationships, experiences, human connections, online engagement & repeat custom. See some of our most recent projects here.

We’ve been at the forefront of creative interior design and architecture since 1998. From our office in Soho, London and Reading, we provide thoughtful, individual designs for a vast range of clients. That depth of experience continues to shape our team, keep their creativity sharp and ensure our skill and diversity on every project.

Award-winning architecture and interior design from Quadrant Design has put hundreds of our clients’ projects in the best position for success. We’re a close-knit team that boasts a reassuringly broad skill set when we put our heads together.

Some of the world’s biggest dining, retail, hospitality and leisure companies put their brand’s image in the hands of our designers and architects. We’re well known and trusted by global names you’ll see above the doors on high streets and shopping centres throughout the UK. They repeatedly return to us for fresh designs and schemes that keep customers coming back, too.

We’ve worked with some amazing clients over the years.