Your branding should be cohesive, inside and out. We dig down to pinpoint the most important aspects of a brief and cement them at the centre of the design. By working efficiently, precisely and within budget, we increase the commercial advantages of your chosen locations.

Our work will be tailored to yours. Whether the building’s intended for working, dining, living, or something else, the solution will make that purpose possible.

From concept to completion, our collaborative approach to design keeps everyone involved. While we handle design and functional aspects of your project, you’ll retain full control of the direction. Our ambitious, forward-thinking plans are grounded in the reality of the space. Trust us to think of everything, down to the fixtures and fittings. You won’t find a single lightbulb or plug socket out of place.

Contact us for a full or bespoke interior design service.

Our Design services include:

  • Brand and competitor analysis
  • Market and demographic analysis
  • Market research
  • Mood Boards
  • Finishes & Material Boards
  • Sketch Schemes
  • Visuals & photorealistic renderings


If your space is the image you want to present, architecture is the frame. And in most cases, you need to be more careful than just nailing it to the wall. Our technicians and architects have worked on projects at varying scales of size and complexity. We design for listed and brand new buildings with the same thoughtful methods and planning.

Ever since we turned a barge into a bar, we’ve been ambitious when it comes to architecture. Watch as we mock up daring yet doable sketches based on your brief. If it looks impossible, say so - and we’ll look into getting planning approval on your behalf. Our drawings and plans are made to get the highest chance of a ‘yes’ from everyone involved.

To arrange architecture-related services, please get in touch.

Our Architectural services include:

  • Site/unit surveys
  • Landlord negotiations & approval process
  • Feasibility plans
  • Local Authority applications
  • Services co-ordination
  • NBS, FF&E Contract Scheduling
  • Management of the consultant team
  • Production of tender & construction packages
  • Principal designer and CD’15 roles
  • Site meetings
  • As Built drawings


Your customers expect the same high standards and familiar style wherever they see your brand name. The plans we present help maintain your corporate identity - unless it’s time for a brand refresh, which we can also help with. Our designers and branding experts will work with you to develop a consistent brand image that’s adaptable to all your different spaces. In the past, we’ve used a single brand logo as the starting point to help companies build a UK-wide retail presence.

Advances in graphics also mean our capabilities in architectural design continue to grow. Art is now more of a focus point than the finishing touch. We create bespoke digital illustrations and art pieces that make your space one of a kind. A design-led approach can also seamlessly tie everything together, ensuring that staff uniforms and signage match the interior design perfectly.

For digital media solutions - or to add them to an interior design project - speak with the team.

Our Digital Media services include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Concepts
  • Digital Artwork
  • Signage
  • Way Finding
  • Menus
  • Business Stationery
  • Graphics
  • Websites