The one time you don’t want something ‘off the shelf’

Chances are at least some of our team shops at your stores. Alongside our knowledge of retail design and architecture, we put what we’d want to see into practice.

We shape retail spaces differently for every brand, making the presentation as individual as the product. Our designs have increased sales on everything from clothing to confectionery, in retail spaces from boutiques to sprawling flagship stores.


Transform your free spaces into a feast for the senses

Your customers visit as much for the atmosphere as they do for your menu. And they’ll always come back to a venue that satisfies their appetite for entertainment and excitement.

Tell us what you need - kitchen space, number of covers, branding, etc. - and we’ll design and make everything fit around it. We’ve created bespoke artwork, furniture and finishing touches for more than 100 dining projects. The final look of your space will be unique, creating an ambience that diners just can’t find anywhere else.


Be so welcoming they won’t want to go home

For your guests, the hotel room or the gym could well be a second home. The tailored spaces we create for hospitality clients make everyone who visits feel welcome.

Boutique hotels and UK-wide chains use our architectural plans in their inviting rooms, bars and receptions. We work to get the most out of your space and ensure there are no vacancies. The largest health and fitness brand in the UK is also putting our interior design to use in their health clubs.


The right working environment is good for business

Office design and layout is now the second biggest factor in employee satisfaction - and that trend isn’t about to go away. Getting it right will improve the efficiency, productivity and happiness levels of your workforce. As such, interior design should now be where all your office fit-out projects begin.

Our extensive work for leisure brands translates into designing relaxed, supportive workspaces. That includes our own office in Reading - come in for a chat to see it. The most ambitious interior design project we’ve taken on to date is a global brand’s flagship London office, with 200 desks and the facilities to match.