Anthemis - Soho


The least ‘office’-like office space we’ve ever designed

When Anthemis asked us to design their new central London office, they didn’t really want an office. They came to us for a custom space built around their needs, one that felt more personalised than your average business address.

It was an ambitious, challenging project that we wanted to dive straight into – but we took our time. A stronger connection with our clients always leads us to more effective design solutions. Getting to know the Anthemis team, and completely understand their wants and needs, was a vital first step.

We took ‘bespoke’ to a new level on this project, basing specific item budgets (like designer durable brass door handles and kitchen equipment) on how often they’d be used. The fixings, fittings and furniture were sourced from the same suppliers we turn to for hotel and restaurant projects to create a space which felt more like home than the office. The main contractor on this project was our good friends at Crown Interiors who delivered the project on time and to a fantastic standard. Plush fabrics, custom artworks and lighting come together to create a unique atmosphere.

Many aspects of the new Anthemis office design and layout focus on connections between people and places. Hardwood flooring throughout keeps employees and guests feeling ‘grounded’, a constant as you move through each zone. It’s a place for the company to truly call home, with each zone serving a specific purpose just like rooms in a house.

The lounge is the central hub of the layout, the first thing people see when they arrive. It needed that instant ‘wow’ factor, something we achieved by sourcing custom artwork and neon signs. Working spaces are sectioned off by a unique curved timber planter, giving employees the privacy they need without cramping their style.

We also created a library, using a compact, minimalist Spacestor storage grid, which adds a layer to the ‘personal story’ with a book from every employee’s birthplace.