QD’s first expo experience!

This year was our first time showcasing at the Retail Design Expo, after another successful year for the company. We’ve been working with lots of new clients and expanding our fantastic team of designers and technicians that make up the QD family, so what better time to show everyone what we’ve been up to and let the retail world know what Quadrant Design is all about?

After several brainstorming sessions and some exhaustive deliberation, we decided to create a space that felt like home – something that took elements from our design studio and conveyed the essence of who we are. A fun and vibrant space became our number one priority: we wanted people to get a sense of our personalities and Quadrant’s playful side as a design agency.

The big day arrived and with a huge amount of excitement the build (overseen by at least 5 eager members of the team at any one time) went as smoothly as we could have hoped for.

So, the first morning arrives and with our office playlist purring away on the Sonos in the background, our stand immediately feels like a home from home. Bespoke wall graphics of a high-street-scape of our clients were crafted by our talented in-house illustrator wrap the stand in the same style of those that envelop our reception area. A 3D fire place in a matching illustrated style became a focal point – complete with neon flame, the subtle sound of a crackling fire and the scent of sandalwood – our visitors were given the full sensory experience.

Polaroid photos of the QD team were positioned proudly at the very front of the stand beneath our illuminated sign proudly shining our name. Our quirky portfolio, showcased through retro ViewMasters adorned the main wall – they were a huge success! The combination of nostalgia and intrigue created a buzz around the stand and an orderly queue quickly formed.

It wouldn’t be an exhibition stand without some give giveaways! We wanted our QD logo, our very own coat of arms, to take pride of place above the fire place so we decided to form it from pencils – the perfect freebie for any creative visitor! A trendy tote bag with a mini QD scale rule and mini brochure completed our offerings.

We understand that technology is always evolving and as a company we try to stay one step ahead. We saw the Retail Expo as the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the technology we use to develop design in-house and communicate concepts to our clients. We offered a full VR experience to our visitors, taking them through the various stages of a typical project. First walking around a white model of a store used for initial layout, then with textures and lighting, on to a photorealistic 360 degree CGI before we presented a 360 photo of how the store looked on completion. Visitors gathered around and brought colleagues back to experience our latest offering as part of the Quadrant experience.

As it was our first time exhibiting – we didn’t know what to expect from the show. The experience was extremely positive and it gave us the opportunity to leave our mark on the industry and tell people who we are and what we are all about.  It bought us together as a team, ensuring each and everyone one of us was involved along the way and was a fantastic opportunity to network with new clients as well as reminding our existing clients what we do and what other services we offer.

After two very long days, 250 tote bags, 1000 pencils and 80 cups of coffee, Quadrant Design had successfully completed our very first expo and what an expo it was!

We loved the space we were in, and you did too.