Barbershop Renovation – 58 Barbershop

The Plan

Chris was looking to freshen up the Barbershop with some new finishes and features without changing anything structural or incurring too much building work.

To kick off the new look we were to begin with phase 1; extending the worktop, to add in a fourth chair and workspace to the barbershop. Phase 2 would then be refurbishing the counter space and creating the visually compelling workspace that Chris wanted. Finally, phase 3 would be reworking the entrance to the shop to create a division between the path into the barbers and the Quadrant Design path up to the Chop-Shop.

The Proposal

First things first, we had a chat with Chris to get an idea of what aesthetic he had in mind for the barbershop to take on through this refurb.

We sat down and gathered Pinterest ideas, along with hand sketches from across the team so that we could create his ideal barbershop.

Then it was on to surveying the space, although we had existing plans, it was necessary to gather specific internal measurements to put together an accurate proposal.

We whipped up plans and elevations and then moved onto creating visuals of the first two phases.

The first set of visuals showed phase one and the addition of the extra chair and the second set, phase two, was much more engaging, showing new colours, textures and fittings applied to the space.

Initial Concept

Final Concept

A Few Meetings & Samples Later…

We then sat down with Chris to show him the visual proposals of phases one and two. It was on showing Chris the finished phase two that he decided he wanted phases one and two to be combined. This decision would give Chris the finished design as soon as possible, rather than having to wait for the aesthetic he wants. It was great to see him excited about the new barbershop look!

After a few more sit downs with Chris and with Andy (the contractor) to firm up the design, I revised the visual proposal to fully represent the construction that would take place. Following this, we brought Chris samples of the metro tile and grout that could be used as the splash back to his counter, for him to choose which he liked best.

The base of the counter and part of the wall space was to be cladded in painted timber slats, therefore we had to order in paint samples that could be used as the primary colour in the new barbershop. The original idea was to have a deep green or blue finish, preferably a bottle green to give the space a rich colouring, whilst contrasting the other white walls, countertop and tiles.

Once several shades of green had been sampled on the walls we decided on a deep bottle green, that Chris more than agreed with.


Now the design stage had been completed it was time to create a full drawing pack for the project, including elevations, sections and key details for construction. Furthermore, a finishes schedule would be drafted to depict the material finish to each component in the fit out. With this completed we were ready to start on site as planned over a 5-day period.

The construction phase truly came together in the last two days of works, with the sinks going in on the morning of the last day.

We continued to drop in throughout the week to provide design solutions to minor construction queries, and soon enough the former visuals had become realised. With Chris describing the space as the barbershop he’d hoped for when he first opened, the project was super exciting to work on and to see through. As a student it was great experience to see a project develop from inception to completion.

Finished Phase


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